Single Shot Show

Single Shot is a TV show on MNN discussing photography in all its different aspects.


Single shot is a show devoted to discussion about photography with a special focus on artistic component. In our show we are talking to artists, gallerists, critics and other individuals involved in the process of creating past, present and future of art photography. The show is on the air on Manhattan Neighborhood Network channels every Monday at 5 P.M., on MNN online archive and our YouTube channel . Stay tuned!

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Here are some of the recent episodes of Single Shot:



Single Shot in a Year with Carol Schaeffer

This episode features an inspired conversation about connection between photography and literature, symbolism in photography and connection between visual art and literature with prominent writer and brilliant photographer Carol Schaefer.

Originally aired oh MNN Lifestyle Channel (Channel 2)

Monday, Feb 19th at 5 PM.



ART and SCIENCE in PHOTOGRAPHY with Joe Ovelman.

Originally aired on MNN Feb 12th at 5 PM.

In this episode we will discuss freedom of expression, gender identity study via visual art and sociological application of photography with Joe Ovelman. Joe’s project explores the difference of self-identity in connection to feminine and masculine side of a person. Discussion of relationship between artist, his art and the viewer.

MNN Lifestyle Channel (Channel 2)
On Manhattan TV:
RCN : Channel 83
FiOS : Channel 34
Spectrum: Channel 56 & 1996


Extended version of Making It In New York:

The conversation with Neil Tandy

Specially made internet edition with additional artwork, extended live footage and more!

Originally aired on MNN on January 22nd, 2017

In this episode of Single Shot we are discussing the intricacies of making it as a professional photographer in New York City. Neil Tandy – a great photo artist moved from South Africa to New York to become a photographer and made it. Watch to learn how it was possible. Includes live footage of the artists outdoors model shoot in Manhattan.




Conversation With CHRIS LORD @ Single Shot

Conversation with Modern Art Photography virtuoso CHRIS LORD @ this week’s Single Shot. Great discussion about reality in photography, educational role of it and communication with fellow photographers during photowalks.

Originally Aired on Monday, Feb 5th at 5 PM on MNN


Outside of studio conversation with


Brilliant and controversial opinions of famous photo artist about contemporary photography, New York of Madonna and Warhol, capturing Indian tribes

Originally aired on
Monday, Jan 29 at 5 PM.

Lifestyle Channel (Channel 2)

On Manhattan TV:
RCN : channel 83
FiOS : channel 34
Spectrum: channel 56 & 1996


PILOT EPISODE of Single Shot at MNN with Shaun La

Originally aired on MNN
Monday, Jan 15th at 5 PM.

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